Our services encompass a wide range of car detailing tasks designed to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. We offer interior and exterior detailing for both cars and SUVs, which includes thorough cleaning of all surfaces, washing, drying, waxing, and applying a protective coating to the paint. Our full detailing service is a comprehensive package that restores your vehicle to a near-new condition. We also provide headlight restoration to improve visibility, engine bay cleaning for maintenance, and shampooing to keep your car smelling fresh. Our steam cleaning service uses steam to remove stubborn dirt and stains without harsh chemicals. For those looking to enhance their vehicle’s appearance, we offer three stages of paint correction to remove swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections from the paintwork. Lastly, our rims ceramic coating service protects your rims from brake dust and other contaminants, making them easier to clean and maintain. These services are tailored to meet your specific needs and to protect your vehicle from the elements, ensuring it always looks its best.

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Car Detailing

  • Car Detailing: This category includes services specifically designed for cars. It is further divided into:
  • Interior: This service focuses on cleaning and restoring the car's interior.
  • Exterior: This service involves cleaning, polishing, and protecting the car’s exterior.
  • Full: This is a comprehensive service that includes both interior and exterior detailing.

SUV Detailing

  • SUV Detailing: These services are similar to car detailing but are tailored for SUVs due to their larger size. It also includes:

    Interior: Cleaning and restoring the interior of the SUV.
  • Exterior: Cleaning, polishing, and protecting the SUV’s exterior.
  • Full: A comprehensive service that includes both interior and exterior detailing of the SUV.

Additional Services

  • Additional Services: These are extra services that can be added to any detailing package. They include:

    Headlight Restoration: This service improves the clarity and brightness of your headlights.
  • Engine Bay Cleaning: This involves cleaning the engine bay to remove dirt, grease, and grime.
  • Shampooing: This service includes shampooing the seats and carpets of your vehicle.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction: This service involves various levels of paint correction to remove swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections from the paintwork of your vehicle. It includes:

Stage 1: This is a basic level of paint correction.

Stage 2: This is a more intensive level of paint correction.

Stage 3: This is the most intensive level of paint correction, designed to address deep scratches and other significant paint imperfections.

Detailing is not just about maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, it’s also about preserving its quality and longevity. Our meticulous detailing services deep clean your vehicle from the inside out, reaching areas that regular cleaning often misses. This helps prevent wear and tear, protects against environmental damage, and keeps your vehicle looking its best. So, for a ride that feels brand new and a shine that lets your vehicle stand out on the road, book our detailing services today!